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can buy. in their love and laughter, in our hopes for their future lie the true meaning of christmas. so in a spirit of gratitude for what we have been able to achieve together for the last year and looking forward to all that we hope to achieve together in the years ahead, nancy and i want to wish you all the best of holiday seasons. as charles deckens whom i quoted a few moments ago said so well in "a christmas carol" god bless us every one. good night. >> sean: thank you for being with us. merry christmas and happy new years to you and yours. captioned by closed captioning services, inc. on fox files. >> i said nobody move, nobody will get hurt. >> it was a crime that rocked america. >> i started making a list of people and i finally set isled on frank sinatra, jr.
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>> in 1963, hollywood star his kidnapped son.o savee >> he was defeated for the first time. >> also on the battlefield and the home front. >> they are bred for work and kept for work. >> how does man's best friend become a superdog. >> the longer you are with a dog the more he wants to work for you. >> and see this act. >> hello, forest. >> in his most important role. >> you are the providers of our freedom and we don't take that for granted. >> gary i sinise helping true american heros. >> i'm allison camerota. >> i'm dana perino. >> i'm claudia cowen and that is all next on "fox files."
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♪ call me irresponsible ." >> in the fall of 1963, sinatra was on top of the world. the lead ever of the glamorous rat pack which featured the likes of dean martin and sammy davis, jr. his latest hit on the charts was "call me irresponsible" and his movies were still doing big business at the box office. he was in the middle of filming another rat pack movie robin and the 7 hoods which costarred barbara rush who also happens to be my mother. >> how do you do? >> do you know my name. >> quite. >> i what was it like there on the set working with frankcy that trace gallagher. >> he loved dean martin and those two were so funny together. dean not only wasn't in tim intimidated by frank at all. >> for the sinatra family, a
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three day nightmare after crossing paths with an judge employed 23-year-old stockbroker. down on his luck, keenan calculated he needed $240,000. in today's money around $1.7 million to get his once thriving career back on >> so i was trying to think of anything. kidnapping came up. >> kidnapping. in keenan's twisted mind it made perfect sense. grab a celebrity kid and hold them for ransom. they would have the means to pay big bucks to get the child back and he believed he would later pay back the ransom money with interest. >> in your head this was going be a loan. >> exactly. i started making a list of people that i had gone to school with. very original. which include bob hope's son tony hope and jim mitchum and finally settled on frank sinatra, jr. >> the 19-year-old son was
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attempting to forge his own career and had recently behe gun singing with the tommy dorsey orchestra. >> he sang all of his dad's songs. >> john foss played trumpet in the orchestra. fox files tracked him down to his home in maine. >> he just wanted to be like him. >> but what made the younger sinatra such an appealing at&t target for keenan? >> because he was slight of build so if he tried to run or something we could contain him without hurting him. and then i -- his father was well known for being a tough guy and hanging out with the mob. and thought that he could handle the stress. so i started writing a business plan for this affair and i called it the plan of operation just like i would if i was doing a real estate deal. >> his new you plan of operation would require some seed money but keenan was broke as a result of a car accident. >> disabled me pretty significantly.
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i got addicted to pain medication. i was already an alcoholic. and so my thinking was not very clear. >> barry keenan may have been down and out but his good friend dean torrens was flush with cash. he and his friend had a hit with their song surf city. he approached torrens with his new business plan. >> i told him not to say anything until i had finished my presentation. >> it was here underneath the statue of tommy trojan on the campus of the university of southern, california where dean torrens was a student studying graphics where they would meet to discuss the bizarre plan to make some fast cash. >> we had done business deals together and this was in my mind another are opportunity. >> did he tell you he thought you were crazy? >> yes. >> and what did you say? >> i said i'm crazy but why don't you you loan me $500 and i won't bother you and let you get back to it your class. >> and gave you more than one
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check throughout this whole time? >> he gave me three or four. >> keenan used the money to hire help with the kidnapping plan. the first call went to his mother's ex-boyfriend a 42-year-old house painter named john irwin. >> he had fallen on hard times when i was making a lot of money and i set him and his family up with housing and a car. >> so he owed you one? >> and i called that in. he reluctantly agreed to go along. >> keenan discovered that is sinatra, jr. was appearing at the arizona state fair. they flew to phoenix with the intention of snatching him there. realizing they made some key mistakes including leaving their fingerprints on a hotel phone they decided to abort their mission. >> so is arizona was out. >> arizona was out and we go home and john says forget about it. >> keenan didn't forget about it. hell bent on pulling it off he recruited another friend, a
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23-year-old shellfish diver to help him with hesseman. he talked irwin into rejoining the team and they made plans to grab sinatra from the los angeles ambassador hotel. the day they picked? friday, november 22, 1963, the same day president john f. kennedy was assassinated in dallas. >> john was weeping and he was completely out of it and joe was devastated as well. and they were all done with the kidnapping. >> it wasn't long before keenan was thinking about his next move. >> you still needed your money. >> yes. so the hardest part was to get either joe or john to even answer my phone calls. but eventually i prevailed and i knew if i mentioned anything about the abduction that joe would walk off. so i said let's go to lake tahoe and look for jobs. >> in early december, keenan and ansler drove to lake tahoe which straddles nevada and
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california. but ansler got the sense he had been duped when the two drove past the club. >> and the marquise with the tommy dorsey orchestra. and joe almost hit me. i can't say on the interview the explete ives that he came out with but he was very upset and you didn't want to upset joe because he is a tough guy. i said don't worry about it, just a coincidence. eventually he calmed down and then we ran out of money and so we had to kidnap frank sinatra, jr. to get back to l.a. >> at 9:30 p.m. keenan and a nervous joe crept up to room 417 at harrah's' south lajeunesse. inside frank, jr. and the trumpeter had just finished dinner before that night's show. >> i raised my hand to knock on the door and joe yells no, barry, no! and i just looked at him and said, you know, that is why we're here and knocked on the
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door and frank sinatra said come in. >> he said he had a package for frank, jr. so he walked in and put the box down on the floor. and when straightened up took his glove off and he had a small revolver in his hand. >> i cocked it in front of his face and said nobody move and nobody will get h hurt. >> and at that point he made us go lie down on the floor. >> i tied up john foss and then said joe, would you take mr. sinatra down to the car and he did. >> he wanted to hit me over the head with his rifle. he wanted me to be out of commission. but ke keenan said he didn't wt to hurt anybody, you know, which i was grateful for. >> after hustling sinatra into the back seat of their car and blind folding him, they began
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the 450-mile drive back to los angeles in a blinding snow storm. >> i ran down stairs and banged on the door of the manager of the motel and i convince ised him that he needed to call the sheriff's office. and about five minutes they were there. >> the police quickly set up road blocks to try and ensnare the kidnappers. >> we did give him a sleeping pill and some whiskey. i knew that we would eventually run into a road block so i said to frank, jr. there may be a lot of unplay but if you do your part there is no reason for it and you will be sleeping off a drunk. >> and you made it through you road blocks that were set up specifically to find frank sinatra, jr. >> that's correct. we got back to l.a. and the rest is history. >> coming up. >> the whole thing was surreal and strange. this holiday, share everything.
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with a dazed and drugged
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19-year-old frank sinatra, jr. in the back seat the kidnappers arrived at their hideout in the early morning hour is of december 9, 1963. the kidnappers held sinatra captive here at this house in the los angeles suburb of conaga park. >> why conoga park? >> i was looking for a place that didn't have neighbors nearby that i could keep frank, jr. while we were doing the deal. >> when got the news of his son's kidnapping a stunned sinatra abandoned production and immediately flew to nevada on sunday night. a snowstorm prevented him from getting to lake tahoe so he established his own command center. the fbi was called in and this man 44-year-old fbi agent dean elston was put in charge of the investigation. >> i had two questions i had to ask him right then. one was would frank do this just to get some publicity?
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he said dean, he would never do this to his mother. the next thing i asked him, do you think the mob has had any connection with the kidnapping? he said no. >> on monday morning in los angeles, my mother actress barbara rush arrived on the warner brother's lot to resume filming robin and the 7 hoods. >> the choreographer came out and said barbara, something has happened, mr. sinatra had to leave and we are not going to shoot the scene today and this was a musical number and i said we are not the going to do it today and she said no, because frank, jr. had been kidnapped and i said he's been kidnapped? frank sinatra's son has been kidnapped you must be joking! >> that morning crazed kidnapper barry keenan decided to drive the nearly 500 miles back to lake tahoe to check out of his hotel and get rid of any lingering evidence.
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frank sinatra, jr. remained in the hideout. >> he was blind folded almost entirely they had him. >> was he mistreated. >> not mistreated, no. >> both john and joe assured frank sinatra, jr. as long as he cooperated they would protect him from the higher ups. we had these mythical higher ups. during that time they became close, all three of them. >> 22 hours after his son was kidnapped, frank sinatra got his first call from the kidnappers who only told him that junior was safe and to expect more calls. the next morning at 11:00 a.m. they called again and sinatra was instructed to go to a pay phone and await yet another call. dean drove out to the gas station with sinatra. >> i kept telling him that once we got them on the phone i want you to keep them on the phone as long as you can.
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>> to trace the call. >> they were able to trace the phone from los angeles and did he talk to frank just to find out that he was safe. they told us then that they wanted $240,000. >> sinatra was told the next call would come that night at ex-wife nancy's home in bel-air california. he chartered a plane to get them back to l.a. in the coming days the team turned the sinatra home into an fbi command center. sinatra's daughter tina who was then 15 years old told fox files exclusively about the family's or deal and what it was like having the fbi living in their home. >> they were so poised and ever polite but they would not indulge in conversation and how they would jump when the phone would ring. we would freeze and they would jump. it was one moment to the next. the whole thing was surreal and
7:18 pm
strange. >> what was frank sinatra like? was he composed? frantic? yes. >> was calm. he tacked to the kidnappers on each call. he asked questions. he answered questions properly. and he conduct himself really very well. >> i found him pensive and quiet and economic with his words. he bare early spoke. didn't eat much. none of us did. >> then sinatra got the call he was waiting for. the kidnappers told him to go to a texaco station near bel-air. >> they told us the next call would be taken by the person carrying the money. >> one of the fbi agents actually made the ransom drop at around 11:00 p.m. that night. a series of phone calls led the agent to a parking lot filled with school buses where he left the bag that contained show thousand dollars between two parked buses. >> were the fbi not keeping an
7:19 pm
eye on this suit case somehow? >> apparently they could not get close enough to it and he was ordered to go in, drop the ransom money and if they told him after he left then they would drop young frank off so that he would be released. >> ansler and keenan were watching the drop but ansler suddenly panicked. >> he saw the fbi guys and high tailed it over the fence. i had to go pick up the money myself. >> we never did cover them coming out of that parking lot with the ransom money. >> they got away. >> got away at that point, yes. >> following a call from keenan, john irwin dropped sinatra, jr. off at the mulholland overpass at around 2 2* in the morning. >> young frank started to walk and every time he would see a car come by he would duck into the bushes. he thought maybe the kidnappers
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would come back and pick him up. and then he saw a patrol car come by and he hailed them down and took it back to nancy sinatra's home. >> coming up. >> everybody was here. as you can see, geico's customer satisfaction is at 97%. mmmm tasty. and cut! very good. people are always asking me how we make these geico adverts. so we're taking you behind the scenes. this coffee cup, for example, is computer animated. it's not real.
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♪ a long rest at his mother's house after nearly three days with little sleep. another or deal as he faced reporters' questions. >> i was squared. a little bit nervous naturally but the only thing i could do is hope for the best. >> the first thing we all wanted to do is hug and kiss him everywhere. we were all worried that they starved him. >> would you mind if we go now because i want to feed him. >> after kidnapping my mother barbara rush and frank sinatra
7:24 pm
never did get to do the musicalle number in robin and the 7 hoods. >> you tell barry keenan that he ruined my film and i resent it. >> they thought it would be another singing in the rain and they had to drop another one including the one that my mother was going to be in and she is bit. a lot of people were hurt from these kinds of crimes that were totally innocent bystander hes and i'm sorry for that. >> the day after junior was returned home the sinatras had a party for frank senior who turned 48 years old that day but frank wasn't the only one receiving gifts. >> i said i cannot take a present. it is against the law and they said well, open the box and take a look at it. out comes this little paget watch and on the back they have for dean, we love you, the
7:25 pm
sinatras. you can't give it back to us. >> after writing this letter to fbi director jay edgar hoover, elson was allowed to keep the watch. the day after sinatra's birthday the case was cracked wide open when john irwin con phelpsed involvement to his brother who alerted the fbi. within hours keenan and ansler were also in custody. >> three men were arrested including barry keenan a 23-year-old unemployed salesman. most of the money all in small bills was recovered. >> despite having given keenan money for the plat, dean torrance was never charged. when the trial began in february of 1964 the defense took the strategy of blaming the victims to dizzying new heights. >> it was keenan who devised their defense. >> every time i talked to a lawyer it was are you sure this is not a publicity stunt. everybody was sure it was a
7:26 pm
publicity stunt. that gave me the idea. >> all three had their own lawyers. john irwin's attorney was gladys root is, known for wearing outlandish hats to court. >> she was a piece of. she was. >> she claimed the whole thing was a hoax orchestrated by frank, jr. purely for publicity. in the trial transcript obtained by fox files root labeled the kidnapping an advertising scheme and planned contractual agreement. the sinatra family was outraged. >> i remember it mostly being oh he fended and stunned by -- offended and stunned by the lawyer gladys root. she knew that once you ring that bell it is rung. >> in his opening statement, keenan's lawyer also blamed sinatra saying that "the actions of frank sinatra, jr. are suspect of chicanery from start to finish. >> kidnapping a a hoax and
7:27 pm
little, no realizationow much grief it would cause frank, jr. >> it was really violating. it was like -- it was the nearest thing to rape. it was very bad. >> but the jury didn't buy it. >> it after six week trial we were found guilty. joe and i were sentenced to life plus 75 years. and john who was not in the physical kidnapping was sentenced to 16 years and 8 months. >> but none of those sentences were actually served out. >> no. >> the story takes another strange twist when a series of evaluations and appeals got the sentences drastically cut so that they were all back on the street by 1968. barry would go on to become a very successful and sober real estate developer. >> how did that happen? >> dean torrance comes back into the picture when i got out of prison he threw a fundraiser party for me and i used that money to get back into the real estate business. >> in the '90s, keenan tried to
7:28 pm
cash in again with the making of a movie about the kidnapping. sinatra sued. >> the fact that you might think of barry keenan and his movie revictimmizing frank sinatra, jr., that is when the first amendment is most important. >> keenan's lawyer took the case all the way to the california supreme court which overturned the law in 2002. >> there are times when the speech is unpopular but under the first amendment we are going to defend free speech. >> almost five decades later, frank sinatra, jr. who declined our request for an interview is still performing at age 68. john erwin and joe ansler are deceased and barry keenan is 72 years. >> you are not the same barry as you were then. >> may be a little crazy but i'm not insane and it was
7:29 pm
obviously a very insane act. >> if frank sinatra, jr. was sitting in my chair right now you what would you want to say to him. >> heartily sorry for the ongoing mess that has never gotten resolve. >> it violated my dad. he believed in our legal system and i think it was something that was deeply wounding to him. >> coming up on fox files. >> we say zero to hero in 120 days. >> and late. we are are trying to help as many as we can because they have given so much for us. -- you can stay in and share something... or you can get out there and actually share something. ♪ the lexus december to remember sales event is on. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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this is a fox news alert. live from america's news headquarters i'm marianne rafferty. the lawyer for former u.s. marine jon hammar saying his client has been released from a mexican prison. he had been locked up since august when mexican police arrested him for are crossing border carrying a shotgun. because mexico has strict firearms laws hammar had been
7:33 pm
facing 15 years behind bars. president obama nominating john kerry to be the next secretary of state. saying the massachusetts democrat won't need a lot of on-the-job training. he is chairman of the senate foreign relations committee and also ran for president in 2004. if confirmed the senator will succeed hillary clinton who is set step down next month. she missed today's announcement as she recovers from a concussion. i'm marianne rafferty. now, back to "the fox files." we are here in grand central terminal in new york city. every day, 700,000 people pass through here which means that superdogs like holland have a very important job to do especially in a post 9/11 world. here is what it takes to become a four legged hero he. ♪ ♪
7:34 pm
>> before they could do this, they all start out like this. fox files cameras got a first-hand look at the department of defense military working dog program at lackland air force base where puppies learn to become warriors. spread across nearly 9,000-acres in san antonio, texas, the base is home to the 341st training squadron. >> the purpose is to procure, train and produce handlers and dogs. >> casey stevens is chief of the dog training school at lackland. >> i love to see them evolve from knowing nothing to being able to do everything that they do overseas and in law enforcement. we say zero to hero in 120 days. >> the wags arrive for training. >> the four legged heros have a long and storied his tore arery of serving on the battlefield. during world war ii the military officially began training dogs to fight and k-9
7:35 pm
and handler teams continue to train. >> dog command. >> and defend our freedom at home. >> and overseas. nearly 3,000 dogs currently work for the military. >> we train the military working dogs to detect explosives and narcotics. building searching scouting. looking for someone in an open field. >> we are doing explosive training. the dogs of day 25 in training. >> pretty much a game of hide and seek. the job is to go find it. when they do find it we teach them to sit and give them a toy. >> they think some of the training that they do s actually a game which is nice because they really try hard. >> the dogs may look cute and playful but they are fierce intelligent creatures. depending on the breed their noses can detect up to 100 times better than their human partners. >> we use primarily german shepherd dogs as our working dogs because those are the dogs
7:36 pm
most easily available. >> german shepherds have been known worldwide as working dogs ever since the days of rin tin tin. >> a very tough breed. they are go get. this dog is sim is larenta to ultimate superdog cairo ha was on the bin laden raid. >> they are kept for work and bred for work. strictly how they perform. this little rascal here was born six weeks guy in this facility. >> when the puppies are about nine weeks old, lackland adopts them out to foster families in the local commune. >> i they keep them until about 7 months of age and bring them back to us for testing and we decide which show the promise of being good working dogs as
7:37 pm
adults and which just want to be pets. >> the dogs are going to be exposed to higher levels of stress than your typical house dog. >> we are coming in. >> we do want them to have a certain nerves of steel if you will. >> some of the dogs go to be law enforcement dogs if it they don't make it as military working dogs. >> this k-9 responded to the newtown connecticut shooting. another dog working in law enforcement is holland. fox files met up with him and his handler, metropolitan transportation authority police officer doug joseph. this k-9 unit is helping to lead the fight against terrorism in the big apple. >> in the mta, what would he be sniffing for 12346789. >> here our primary concern is explosives on the transit system in the metro area. >> tell me how important dogs have become in the last several years to american security? >> what the dog lets us do is move around any place, any time. they are versatile and we are
7:38 pm
lucky to have them. >> in 2010 after the pentagon spent four years and $17,000 researching ied detection they announced that nothing is better than a dog. >> having a dog on point is very important and they have saved many lives. >> coming up, the unbreakable bond of this marine and her dog, rex. try running four.ning a restaurant is hard, fortunately we've got ink. it gives us 5x the rewards on our internet, phone charges and cable, plus at office supply stores. rewards we put right back into our business. this is the only thing we've ever wanted to do
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glk350 for $399 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. here at lackland air force base in texas, dogs aren't the
7:42 pm
only ones receiving training. so are military working dog handlers. >> i wanted to keep things, the longer you are with the dog the more he wants to work for you. >> before they are ready deploy with their dogs handlers first need to experience what it is like on the receiving end of a dog in attack mode. >> it is imperative that we train as we fight that we make training very real to try to expose that dog team to something that they will actually be exposed to in a deployment. >> they say that a dog is a man's and a woman's best friend. for marine corporal megan levy not even distance could break the powerful bond between this handler and her dog rex. >> i knew that i wanted to adopt rex. he was a great working dog. >> their bond was forged at camp pendleton in california around on the battlefields of iraq. >> i got to do a lot of things that i know not many other
7:43 pm
female marines got to do. >> in december of 2006 while on patrol during their second deployment the lives of these two marines changed forever. >> we were clearing the road and some insurgents were watching us from a roof top a little ways away and when we got to a certain point they detonated an ied that was buried in the road. i was knock unconscious and thrown a couple of feet. when i woke up i was like please, be on the end of the leash and don't be hurt. rex hurt his right shoulder so he had a hard time walking. we both have like post traumatic stress from iraq. he was really a changed dog after that. >> megan suffer ised a traumatic brain injury from the attack. after recovering she retired from the marines and moved back home to new york. >> i tried to adopt rex. fortunately for the marine corps but unfortunately for me he got better and he was still able to work and he is a good
7:44 pm
asset for the marine corps. >> their working life right now is 8 to 10 years. >> joseph is a former dog handler and is the military working dog adoption coordinator at lackland. >> with dogs rotating in and out of places like iraq and afghanistan and other countries in the middle east it has taken some working time off of their longevity. november of 2000, congress passed robby's law allowing suitable working dogs to be adopt. >> prior to the year 2 it 000 most were out that niced. in the last two and a half years almost 800 dogs adopted out. >> currently, more than 90% of america's superdogs are adopted by their former handlers. corporal levy is one of them. >> he has things in his medical record that say not adoptable because he is an attack dog and used to be really aggressive at the vet. >> worryd that the military
7:45 pm
might euthanize rex, she got support to assist with the adoption. >> i wanted to be proactive in just letting people know our back store story and that i'm willing to take care of him. he really s a good dog. >> in april of 2012, megan got her wish. >> it was so important for me to have him after and adopt him and give him the life that he deserved outside of the kennells. he has been working for 11 years. that is old for a dog. he did three deployments. i think that he deserve ised the best life that he can while he is retired and that is what i'm trying to give him now. >> i love you, are rex. >> are you ready? >> that is next on "fox files."
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life is much bigger than my acting career. ♪ >> aftegary isgary is sinise i. >> that is a wonderful cause. >> there was a role that i could play in supporting our men and women in uniform by going out and visiting them and patting them on the back and saying hi. >> it is important that as many of you know there are is a lot of people throughout that support you. >> the face is recognizable. the handshakes and warm greetings are sincere. >> you are the providers of our freedom and we don't take that for grant. >> acting here. make -- no acting here. an actor's actor as an academy award nominee. >> he played a dirty cop.
7:50 pm
>> is today jimmy shafer day? >> he played a good cop. >> give me some good news. >> my 14-year-old daughter broke up with her boyfriend. >> he played an astronau. >> and a president. >> if you like the moon the stars and all of the planets have fallen on me. >> for nearly a decade sinise has been playing base in a classing rock cover band that logs hundreds of thousands of miles to entertain our troops around the world. ♪ >> have some fun? >> loved it. love it. >> it as high energy show and keeps going. we just keep pumping the songs out. ♪ >> sinise has been giving back since his first uso tour in 2003. fox news cameras were in iraq that year and caught sinise playing base during an impromptu performance with
7:51 pm
singer chris isaac "i walk the line." >> enenergiesed by that experience he formed the lieutenant dan band named after his character double amputee lieutenant dante elector from the classic forest gump. >> i'm sorry i ruined your new year's eve party, lieutenant dan. >> sinise forged and unbreakable bond with america's wounded warrior. >> that is a lot of role that people remember you for. >> lieutenant dan. >> anything for the troops. >> from the youngest private to colonels they are excited about lieutenant dan. >> well, lieutenant dan is excited about seeing them. >> does it get tire some being so close to identifying with just one role. >> i realize at a certain point it meant something to them because it is a resilient story of somebody that goes through a catastrophic injury but comes out on top at end.
7:52 pm
>> lieutenant dan. >> hello, forest. >> you got new legs? >> so i just accepted the fact that the role has larger meaning than just you a movie.teristicker in in a >> sinise day job now you is on csi new york. >> take it easy, cop. >> sorry, i'm not from around here. >> the show is shot mostly in los angeles where gary gave us a tour of the set. >> this is mack taylor's office here. there is some military stuff over here. as i said, he is a former marine. >> and this room really appealed to you -- role really appealed to you because of that background. >> we made him a former marine who actually had served in beirut in 1983 when we lost so many marines at that time. he is a beirut veteran.
7:53 pm
>> off the set, he is constantly on the road with his lieutenant dan band. >> my television show is very supportive. sometimes i have to be places on friday, saturday, sunday, which means i have to work around the television schedule to be able to do that. >> they have done over 40 uso tours and countless charity concerts. fox files was recently invited on board the band private plane supplied for free by american airlines to ft. bragg. >> it is going be a good welcome home for them. ♪ >> meeting a lot of people. shaking a lot of hands. taking a lot of pictures. signing things. >> ♪ >> we have just thousands of people there that were really in need of a great morale boost and a show of appreciation.
7:54 pm
>> it was awesome. i totally enjoyed myself tonight. >> i have played hundreds of these shows. and every time it's great. >> coming up. >> i get all choked up when i think about it. and we are trying to help as many as we can. >> that is next. [ male announcer ] this december, remember -- you can stay in and like something... or you can get out there and actually like something. the lexus december to remember sales event is on. this is the pursuit of perfection. bass pro shops has plenty of great last minute gift ideas, like... plus there's still time for a free picture with santa. [ male announcer ] how could a luminous protein in jellyfish, impact life expectancy in the u.s., real estate in hong kong,
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7:57 pm
one organization was founded by the family who was a firefighter killed on september 11th. every year, they do something on the run. can raise money for the tunnel of the towers foundation. it's led to associations and
7:58 pm
relationships with some of the most extraordinary people i've ever met. >> some of those people are the wounded warriors who sacrificed so much for this country n past decade alone, almost 50,000 service men and women have been physically injured in afghanistan and iraq. >> sargeant keys became a triple amputee in afghanistan. >> this is my first run. i have my legs and my arms on i'm go owing do the best to try to walk it. >> adam put on his prosthetic and walked three and a half miles on those prosthetics through the tunnel. it took him:kaajú long time, but he is one of the guys who is just, if he says he's going to do something, he's not going to stop. he went all the way. >> 30,000 people ran, walked, through the tunnel that day. >> this is a fantastic day.
7:59 pm
it's a beautiful day for it and everything. 11 years in, just gets bigger and bigger every year. >> 2010 there is another way to help the wounded warriors founding his foundation, and submitted to a program called building homes for heroes. they construct what are called smart mom autos we try to make the homes meet the needs of the particular wounded warriors by crafting the smart technology into these homes. thing that's make the environment much more manageable for someone who is going to have that challenge for their lives they're providing us an opportunity in our lives to get us back. >> michael lost both arms and burned over 85% of his body. a convoy ran over a roadside bomb he found out difficulties trying to get thinged staffed and stuff so. they decided to build a

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